Because Learning Matters for Everyone

Learning Matters is a nonprofit agency offering premier assessment and individualized teaching to K-12 students in the Nashville area, regardless of socio-economic status.

It’s heartbreaking when there are barriers to a student's ability to learn. Learning Matters offers a means to identify those obstacles and work though them. With skillful assessments and evaluation by our learning specialists, your child’s unique learning needs can be diagnosed.

Once the educational needs are identified and a learning plan for your child is designed, teaching sessions with one of our experienced teachers can be arranged. These sessions are scheduled on an ongoing basis to help your child repair and build reading and learning skill, improve performance in school, and develop a self-image as a lifelong learner. We also help you advocate for your child at school. After our assessment is complete, we work with you and your school's personnel to ensure your child receives the services he or she needs.


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